Why choose C. Albert Matthews for your Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Services?


C. Albert Matthews is a trusted provider of comprehensive heating, cooling, AC service, plumbing, and electrical services in the community. Operating for more than nine decades, we have expanded our reach to more locations such as Saint Michaels, MD, Denton, MD, Easton, MD, Algonquin, MD, Centreville, MD, and Cambridge, MD. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, time-efficient service, and quality work has earned us a sterling reputation.

Excellence in Heating & Cooling Solutions

At C. Albert Matthews, we understand how critical a well-functioning HVAC system is. Whether it’s the heat of the summer in Saint Michaels or the chilly winter in Denton, we ensure your environment is comfortable. Our AC services are renowned for reliability and affordability.

Reliable Plumbing and Electrical Services

Don’t let plumbing and electrical issues disrupt your routine in Easton or Algonquin. With C. Albert Matthews at your service, count on unparalleled expertise for all your plumbing and electrical needs. Whether you’re in Centreville or Cambridge, our certified professionals are just a call away. Count on C. Albert Matthews for your comfort at home or at work.