The Hot Rush of Furnace Repair in Haworth & Leonia, NJ


Jersey winters can be a ruthless trial of chills and teeth-chattering shivers. That’s when our trusted furnaces become our best friends! But what happens when our cozy comrades break down in the dead of winter? Never fear, because the heroes at Katham Industries have your back. Providing top-notch Furnace Repair in both Haworth and Leonia, NJ, they’ll ensure your home remains your warm haven.

The Wonders of Heating Installation in Teaneck & Englewood, NJ

And what about those outdated heating systems groaning to keep up with the cold? Katham Industries is here to help you upgrade your home with their exceptional Heating Installation services in Teaneck & Englewood, NJ. Trust us; the sooner the change, the better you’ll weather the frost!

At Katham Industries, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions for your HVAC needs. With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we’ve made our name offering peerless HVAC Service in River Edge, NJ.

Stay Cool with AC Installation & Heating Service in Bergenfield, NJ

Don’t forget the opposite end of the temperature spectrum – summer. When the warmth turn tormenting, count on our team for speedy AC Installation and Heating Services in Bergenfield, NJ. With Katham Industries, Inc. you’ll always find a way to beat the heat!