Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges


Mobile Office Solutions

Stay productive on the go with our cutting-edge mobile office solutions. From sleek modular units to fully-equipped mobile command centers, we’ve got you covered for any remote operation.

Modular Restroom Solutions

Our modular restrooms offer a hygienic and practical solution for construction sites, events, and remote locations. Customize your units with a range of amenities to suit your needs.

Modular Office Construction

Expand your workspace efficiently with our modular office construction services. We provide custom designs, quick installation, and flexible configurations to accommodate your growing business.

Shipping Container Homes & Modular Office Solutions

  • Repurposed shipping containers for affordable housing
  • Durable and eco-friendly modular office units
  • Customizable layouts and finishes

Extraction Solutions ∴ Growing Equipment ∴ Extraction Lab Construction

Linked Equipment offers comprehensive solutions for the extraction and cultivation industry, including state-of-the-art growing equipment, extraction systems, and turnkey lab construction services.