Feeling Frosty? It’s Time for Some Furnace Fun with Bruton Comfort Control!


Ever tried a winter in Tualatin without a heater? Now that’s a real teeth-chattering experience. When your furnace decides it’s time for a permanent winter vacation, don’t panic. Bruton Comfort Control has got you covered. With our Furnace Replacement service, we can turn glow-in-the-dark icicles back into cozy living rooms.

Heater Installation – A Matter of Comfort, Not Cold Feet!

But what if you’re just moving into Sherwood, and you’re in need of a brand new heat-retaining buddy? Bruton Comfort Control is more than up to the task. Our Heater Installation service helps make your new house feel like home — warm, welcoming, and wisely toasty.

Have a Shivering Furnace in Wilsonville? We’ve got the Solution!

Furnace repair in Wilsonville is no joke. One minute you’re toasting marshmallows by the heater grate, and the next you’re wearing three layers of socks and a pair of mittens…indoors! Reach out to us for Furnace Service and Heating Repair and keep the chill at bay.

Whether you’re in Newberg, Hillsboro, or Aloha, Oregon — Bruton Comfort Control is on the case for all your heating needs. Forget the cold – embrace warm, snug comfort!