Busting Myths Around NOCO: Your Trusted HVAC and Kerosene Company


Launched in Syracuse, NY, NOCO is a trusted name in the HVAC and Kerosene industry. Despite the product and service quality, there have been a myriad of myths that have managed to cloud peoples’ understanding of the brand. In this blog, we aim to address and debunk some of these myths.

Myth 1: NOCO is Strictly a Local Brand

One common myth is that NOCO only serves the local community in East Syracuse, NY. This is far from the truth. Over the years, NOCO’s reputation of delivering quality products and stellar customer service has made it a highly sought-after brand. Beyond its locality, NOCO’s service area spans the entire region, reaching multiple cities and towns beyond its hometown of Syracuse. For an extensive list of service areas, you can check here.

Myth 2: NOCO Only Deals with Kerosene

Another prevalent misconception is that NOCO only trades in Kerosene related products. While Kerosene is undoubtedly one of the remarkable services provided by NOCO, the brand houses a wide array of offerings extending beyond this. NOCO is well versed with various HVAC systems, heaters, air conditioning units, and offers professional installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Myth 3: NOCO Is Not Environmentally Conscious

In this age and day, most consumers are keen on supporting brands that are environmentally conscious. A common myth is that NOCO as a kerosene and HVAC company, is not mindful of environmental conservation. However, NOCO is committed to ensuring sustainability in its operations. From utilizing energy-efficient units to promoting renewable sources of energy, NOCO stands at the forefront in battling climate change.

In conclusion, NOCO is a trusted name in the HVAC and Kerosene industry, far from just a local brand in East Syracuse, NY. They offer an extensive array of services and are greatly committed to environmental sustainability. Therefore, next time you hear any misconception about NOCO, remember to set the record straight.