A Day in the Life: HVAC Technician at Jackson & Foster


Morning Kickoff

I start my day bright and early at the Jackson & Foster office, grabbing my work orders and checking in with the team. Today’s agenda includes several calls for Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Services across El Cajon, Lemon Grove, and San Diego.

On the Road

  • First stop: A residential home in El Cajon with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. After a thorough inspection, I identify the issue as a refrigerant leak and proceed to repair it.
  • Next, I head over to a commercial building in Lemon Grove where their heating system is acting up. A quick diagnostic reveals a faulty thermostat, which I replace.
  • Lunchtime rolls around, and I grab a bite to eat at a local taco spot before heading to my next call in La Jolla.

Afternoon Hustle

  • The afternoon takes me to a sprawling estate in the upscale neighborhood of La Jolla, where the homeowners are experiencing issues with their multi-zone HVAC system. After some troubleshooting, I identify and repair a few loose electrical connections.
  • Next, I make my way to Scripps Ranch to service a routine maintenance call for a loyal commercial client.
  • My final stop of the day is in Carmel Mountain, where a family’s heating unit has stopped working altogether. Fortunately, it’s a relatively straightforward repair, and I have them up and running again in no time.

Wrapping Up

As the sun starts to set, I head back to the office to log my work orders and restock my van for tomorrow’s calls. It’s been a busy but rewarding day, helping keep the residents and businesses of San Diego County comfortable and energy-efficient.